Watch Purple Pilgrims’ haunting new video for “Sensing Me”

About the video: “Sensing Me is a Love Magic incantation and telepathic ritual. Through hyperbolic emotional shorthand we regard the grey area between love and obsession, fantasy and reality. A claustrophobic dream of elation, desperation, regret and double meanings. The video was directed by the wonderful W.A.M Bleakley and shot on 16mm Kodak film. The characters become more and more disarrayed as internal clashes overwhelm them – becoming divided within and against themselves, and ultimately disembodied. When psychological boarders on supernatural – both tongue-in-cheek and deadly serious all at the same time.”

“The New Zealand sister duo offer a self-contained suite of dream pop, folk, and cosmic jazz…evocative…”
– Pitchfork

“Perfumed Earth…finds the group at a newfound peace, exploring a more meditative, widescreen version of their alluring natural mysticism, culminating in the swooning, soaring album centerpiece and highlight “Two Worlds Apart”.”
– Gorilla vs. Bear