Alas The Sun (Indie-Folk/Dreampop) – Debutalbum ‘You and Your Love’ out now

Zurich based Indie-Folk duo Alas The Sun’s first full-length is a hopelessly dreamy record, delivering the perfect soundtrack for autumn 2019.

Alas The Sun’s debut album “You And Your Love” takes the listener on a journey full of daydreaming, internal conversations and romantic tales. It offers an insight into the beautifully strange lives of songwriters Anja Tremp and Sandro Raschle.

Tracks like the ethereal “Blueberry Seed” or folky “Dots Of Bliss” evoke a feeling of intimacy due to their stripped back instumentation and prominetly placed tender vocals. “Heading For The Heart” and “Myriad Of Stars”, in contrast, are easily approchable, upbeat songs with a romantic notion and tongue-in-cheek lyrics.