How to Make Every Band Practice Session More Productive

Being in a band can seem it’ll be nothing but glory and excitement. While you can have lots of fun playing music and with a little luck, you might be able to make a career out of it, that won’t happen if you’re not putting in the work. Among your responsibilities is making sure your practice sessions are disciplined and consistent. These ideas will help you get the most out of practice.

Know What You Need to Do
Going into practice without any real sense of what you want to accomplish means that you could end up meandering and not making any sort of progress. Before every session, you need to know what needs to be focused on the most. There could be a certain song that requires more effort before it can be performed live. You could also need some time to work on new tracks. At the end of each practice session, go over what the priorities for the next practice session should be.

Make Yourselves Comfortable
You’re not a diva because you don’t want to be sweating or shivering while practicing. Not only can sweating too much make you miserable and have difficulty focusing on playing, but it can also impact your instruments. Assess how well you and the rest of your bandmates are able to cope with the environment. If it becomes deeply uncomfortable, you might have to get professional help, such as air conditioning system repair. Practicing can come with lots of challenges. You don’t need to add to it by making your practice space unbearable.

Find Practice Spaces to Reserve
Practice sessions can less productive when hosted at someone’s house. If no one else is expecting the band to clear out by a certain time, it can be easy to goof off and procrastinate. Look for places that let your reserve practice time. These can be the best places to practice, as they’re designed to be ideal for bands to rehearse. You’ll also need to take your practice time seriously, as you’ll only be able to practice for as long as the room is reserved for. This can teach you about the time value of practice and show you how to get focused fast.

If you’re not willing to practice, you shouldn’t be surprised when nothing happens with your band. You might be able to play some shows, but the frustration of knowing that you’re not as good as you could be can eat away at you. Practice might not actually make perfect, but it can bring you much closer to perfection.