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There’s Nothing “Spineless” About OVTLIER’s New Video Featuring UPON A BURNING BODY’s Danny Leal

“Not only does this song feature the power of Ovtlier, but they’re being backed up by the brilliant Danny Leal, lead singer of the massively popular Texas metal juggernaut, Upcon a Burning Body. Both the song and the lyric video are symbolic of the dreadful realities of modern society.” -Pure Grain Audio


San Cisco joins Nettwerk’s expanding label roster, which includes artists like Mallrat, The Paper Kites, SYML, Mr Little Jeans, Vök, and more.

“There’s probably no better band on earth that can write such infectious songs that somehow remain jubilant while dealing with melancholic subjects like lost love, and romantic angst, and we couldn’t be more excited to now be releasing their awesome new music through Nettwerk,” says Mark Jowett (President, International, A&R and Publishing).

Mumford & Sons debut new single “Blind Leading The Blind”

Originally conceived of last year, “Blind Leading The Blind” has been an ongoing work in progress—with the band continually re-shaping, re-writing and generally re-imagining over the past eighteen months. Following their recent acceptance of the prestigious John Steinbeck Award last month, the band was inspired and given renewed focus to finally finish the piece.

Pop Music Artist DAYVID Releases First Music Video from Debut EP “Dayvid”

21-year-old singer and songwriter DAYVID, released the music video for “Wasted Luv,” the first offering from his just released debut EP, “Dayvid”. Since its release in late September, “Wasted Luv,” has been praised by critics and listeners around the world, with the song playing on Top 40 radio in major markets across the United States.

Martian Subculture Debut EP ‘Mars’

From his base in Ireland’s Limerick City, Martian Subculture creates leftfield, lo-fi psych rock. An eerie, restrained vocal is surrounded by kooky, comatose guitars on tracks that oscillate between themes of love, loneliness and interplanetary exploration. Recorded alone in a bedroom studio, Martian Subculture introduces his latest single “I Love My Friends” as another invitation into a new sonic universe.


As an independent musician without a ‘friend in the biz,’ you are in danger.

The danger of being taken advantage of is overwhelming if you do not know how the music industry works. In order to protect the indie musician, artist manager, Chris Bianchi and entertainment attorney, William J. Metzger joined forces to create the ultimate game plan for a successful career in music – The Music Agenda.

The Music Agenda is a combination of the knowledge of the authors and their experiences working in the music industry. From managing and booking shows for bands, to dealing with having to fix a broken-down van at 2 a.m., or negotiating a deal for an artist with a major record label, the authors came together to impart their knowledge to the reader in order to give them a distinct advantage in the modern music business.

UK Songwriter Sophie Kilburn is the Sound of Raw, Alt-indie on New Single (fans of Jade Bird/ PJ Harvey)

Born in Derbyshire, Sophie Kilburn has been working tirelessly to create some of the most exciting & fiery alt-indie around in her upcoming EP My Room Made Public. It’s a project that unearths the fears of intimacy and the longing to be desired, through the vehicle of affecting, powerful songwriting.

Vermont enigma Black Fly releases single ‘Wait’ on Samedi Records (Altopalo)

It’s been a while since we’ve heard from Black Fly, though secrecy and absence seem to be his MO. Very little is known about the Vermont native, but the music speaks for itself. The record label that he calls home has shown a distinct knack giving a platform to mad scientists. Samedi Records released Altopalo’s critically acclaimed ‘Frozen There’ last September, and here we are a year later with Black Fly’s sumptuous new single ‘Wait’. The video is just as captivating as the song itself.

New Single & Video: Max Freytag – ‘Picasso Fish Island’

In a bar tucked away under the tram lines in Cologne’s Belgian quarter, the Max Freytag Trio bring their audience an evening of cool jazz to drive out the Autumn blues.

From their opener, the trio captivates the room. The first half of the set sees delicate piano virtuosos bringing a relaxed, pensive air over the bar and Max Freytag effortlessly lulls the crowd into a gentle melancholy before the soft melodies break into an upbeat swing. Part two sees all heads bopping as the trio turns it up a notch with hip, oscillating grooves.

PA’s The Stargazer Lilies shared Tobacco-produced “Dizzying Heights” via Flood

There’s a moment three songs into The Stargazer Lilies’ new LP Occabot, out November 1st on TOBACCO’s Rad Cult imprint, where everything falls into place like a puzzle that had been missing one last piece for years. With battery acid beats and overblown guitars leading the way alongside sand-blasted choruses and lumbering bass lines, “Foreverless” sounds like a metal record submerged in sugar packets and cough syrup — heavy as hell, yet full of hooks.


Kanye West has announced the release of his ninth solo studio album – JESUS IS KING – to coincide with the global release of his IMAX film of the same name on Friday, October 25th. Kanye will premiere both the album and the film on Wednesday, October 23rd at a special listening and screening at the Forum in Los Angeles. JESUS IS KING follows 2018’s ye – Kanye’s eight consecutive #1 album – which tied the record for most consecutive #1 albums in chart history.