Top 7 The Best Free Songwriting Apps for iPhone and Android

The traditional musician needed to buy a guitar, learn the keyboard, and spend time reading poetry, among other tough initiation steps. Getting a studio, recording, and sharing your music were other hustles you had to tackle. Today, a simple app on an ordinary phone will turn you into a hitmaker overnight. MyPaperDone assists students with assignments for all topics and grades to allow you to enjoy the most amazing college experience.

Songwriting apps are either free or available at a price. Some apps are developed for Android, while others work perfectly on iOS. Either way, the apps will give you a perfect studio to develop your song and share it with your target market without spending a fortune.

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  1. Lyric Notepad

The app walks with you through the processes of writing to recording and release. As the name suggests, it is a notepad where you can scribble the lyrics, check for rhymes, and even provide suggestions on the rhymes that fit perfectly. It comes with a metronome for your syllable and rhyme scheme, as well as a Measure that breaks down your rhymes into reasonable cadence. The final file can be shared with friends for suggestions and editing to make your lyrics amazing to hear.

  1. Song Space

The app is one of the most popular because it does not require advanced skills and will allow you to create the songs in a flash. The file created can then be shared with friends and peers in the industry, team, or band. The format of shared files allows editing and tracking of these changes. You have a memory to store your recorded files, access older ones, split the files, and edit them any time and from anywhere. It is a practical mobile studio.

  1. Music Studio

The app is a complete suite for a production environment. The music studio offers all the features you would desire as a composer. They include tracks, effects, and even the ability to combine multiple tracks. These features and the tracks make it easy to customize your songwriting and production. It is the most detailed songwriting production you will get in the market today. The app is available for both Android and iOS.

  1. Rhyme Time Professional

Are you struggling to find the best lyrics for your next song? The Rhyme Time Professional is your turn-to-app. The app offers numerous rhyming options that correct your word choices in real-time and make suggestions on the best alternatives. The app also allows you to play audio pronunciations so that your rhymes are on point. You have direct access to an online dictionary in case the meaning of some words becomes a problem. You do not have to be a poet to write the best rhymes.

  1. Hum

Song ideas will crop up anytime and anywhere. Traditional songwriters had to drag a pencil around for that song-idea moment. Today, hum provides the perfect platform for you to capture those ideas and melodies. The app allows you to revisit these ideas for fine-tuning. This is a perfect app that will make your songs melodious. The hum community also gives you excellent new ideas to explore when writing your songs. It comes with features to assist songwriters in choosing the right keys and cords. This complete suite allows you to note down the lyrics as you record the melody.

  1. Score Creator

The name suggests that the app is used for creating music scores that will help in standardizing your music. It offers an intuitive interface where you just tap on the note or cords to place them on the score. The Score Creator is advanced to allow the use of multiple tracks, playback, different instruments, and melody transpose, among other options. The scores are shared easily with third parties away from the app. The scores can be accompanied by their audio in a single file. The apps are free for use on both iOS and Android.

  1. Song Writer Lite

Are you looking for an app that is simple to use yet helps you produce the most advanced songs? The Song Writer Lite is your perfect app. It gives you excellent ideas when you are drafting your songs. The verses are broken down to give you a better rhythmic and metric feel. You have a section for complete songs and those in progress to make your songwriting more organized. The developer has included assist features to make it easier to include your cords.

The best songwriting app will depend on the features you require for your project. Read reviews of different apps and watch demos before downloading. The ability to connect or share files on other platforms will boost the quality of any app. Use an app that will provide the easiest path to professional songwriting.