The Benefits of Learning Music for Older People

Aging is an exciting journey for an individual. It provides an avenue for development and it also gives an individual the great joy of seeing all of the great things that had happened in his life from childhood. People age and it is inevitable. On the latter part of adulthood, a person’s responsibilities are already lessen and this is the perfect time for enjoy music and other relaxing activities.

The power of music in making an individual happier and more responsive should not be underestimated. This is one of the most important elements that should be part of your daily life even as an older adult. Aside from listening to music, older folks should also be encouraged to learn to play music. To help you understand this concept more, here are the different explanations on how learning music can be beneficial to older adults.

Psychological Benefits of Music

Emotionally, listening to music or playing a musical instrument can help an individual feel better. Music can help you have happy thoughts and it can also provide the proper thoughts that will help you get on with your day. Studies have proven that people who listen to music are more relaxed because of its effect to the whole system. The psychological benefits of music is not only limited for the younger generation. It is also something that the older people can experience.

Benefits of Music for the Mind

Taking music lessons can help improve the brain functions. There are different benefits for the mind that you will be able to get when you play music. As an older adult, it will be better if you are going to choose a certain instrument to play. This will enhance how your mind works and it also makes you develop better hand and mind coordination. This is why playing music on the background while you are doing something is recommended. There are different ways on how music can help older people who are trying to relax and improve how their brain works.

Music and Alzheimers

It has been proven in a study that the part of the mind that is related to musical abilities cannot be damaged by Alzheimer’s disease and other forms of dementia. With this, older adults are encouraged to take music lessons or to play musical instruments. This way, they will still be able to encourage their brain to focus and to function normally, delaying the effects of dementia.

Benefits of Music for the Body

The body is also dependent on the psychological and the mental status of a person. With this, if you are listening to music and playing musical instruments, you will certainly feel better even during darker days. This will then result to a better status for the body. The body is also dependent on the emotion of the person. A person who is always relaxed and who knows how to enjoy the music has a lesser chance of becoming sickly. This is why it is also recommended for older people to listen to music or at learn how to play a musical instrument.

Stress Reduction

Music has been proven to lessen stress. For older adults, it is also very important to deal with stress and other feelings that other people on different age are experiencing. During times when nostalgic memories are already taking over them, listening to music or letting them enjoy playing music can help in reducing stress.

Dealing with Illness

Taking care of your health should be one of the priorities. Some older adults are experiencing illnesses at this point in their lives. With music on the background, it is easier to feel healthier again. As it gives you relaxing effect, it can also strengthen your immunity. Music therapy is recommended not only for older adults but also for everyone who wishes to be healthier without really having to spend more on other forms of therapy.

Inspire Movement

If you are thinking of a great activity that will inspire an older family member to move around and be busy, playing music is one. As the person tries to produce good sound from the music being played in the instrument, you will realize that there are mental and emotional responses that can help increase movement. Let them enjoy music and you will surely realize how important it is for all people, no matter their age, to know how to play a musical instrument.

Increase Social Activity

Playing music can be beneficial in increasing the social activities of the older person. Enjoying music also requires the involvement of other people. Music can heal the soul and it can connect people. With this, encouraging an older person to enjoy music is equivalent to encouraging him or her to engage and increase his or her social activity.

Music is perfect for all people from different generations. It is something that brings people together. For the older adults, it is something that can give them different physical, emotional, social and mental advantages. With the aid of music, they will be able to enjoy their everyday lives and they will certainly feel better.

Author Bio

Curtis Dean writes on behalf of Sage Music School where they base lessons on the science and research of the psychology of learning. Their effective teaching methods create confident and capable students who enjoy the happiness of making music.