Skott Releases New Track ‘Midas’

Critically acclaimed Swedish singer, songwriter and producer Skott returns with “Midas,” a romantic, raw and intimate new track inspired by the legend of the mythical king with the golden touch, released today via Dollar Menu in partnership with Cosmos Music.

“‘Midas’ is a song about a mythical, undying love — the struggle in daring to let your walls down, open up your heart and become mortal. You can build your life up in solid gold, but it might come at the great cost of starving your heart through isolation,” Skott says.

Shedding light on her songwriting process, Skott reveals “Even before writing the lyrics, I felt it was very romantic. The melodies are a one take that just came to me while I was improvising over the loop. I was hypnotized, and most of the song wrote itself in less than 15 minutes,” she continues. “The lyrics took longer, but it might be the quickest song I’ve ever made. It’s like the song fell from the sky and all the pieces were there, so why would I mess with it?'”