Hiro Kone shares title track from upcoming ‘A Fossil Begins to Bray’ LP on Dais Records

Nicky Mao aka Hiro Kone is sharing the title track off of her upcoming anticipated A Fossil Begins To Bray LP today. The harrowing track is an absolute standout from what might be Mao’s finest work yet.

About A Fossil Begins To Bray:
In her most personally narrative work to date, A Fossil Begins To Bray is the follow up on Dais Records for NYC producer Hiro Kone, furthering the dialogue set forth on her acclaimed 2018 release, Pure Expenditure. While the statements on Pure Expenditure rallied behind a point of dangerous excess and injustice, the material on A Fossil Begins To Bray embark upon a journey of discovery and self-analysis, proposing a potential reorientation towards absence in hopes of illuminating potential futures.

In Mao’s own words, “This album considers the power of absence as neither a lack or deficit, but as a quiet, indeterminable force to cultivate in this time of looming and unrelenting techno-fascism. It asks that we take pause to consider our learned languages and actualities and to better consider how desire shapes our recollections and interpretations of this ‘existence.’”