9 out of 10 Dentists Agree: Yung Mal’s “Toothpaste” is a Banger

A rising star in the ATL scene, Yung Mal has a malleable, hard-hitting flow that sounds best atop spare instrumentals. Giving an inside glimpse into his glamorous trap lifestyle, Mal shares “Toothpaste,” his latest music video. Produced by PyrexTurnMeUp, “Toothpaste” is a minimalist banger, defined by subsonic bass and crisp snares, providing a canvas for Mal’s sharp-tongued flexes: “Say I’m goin’ broke, then that must be a prank/We got more money than New York Yankees.” In the video, Mal keeps his business and his pleasure separate, as he mobs in the street with a crew of his bros, including frequent rap partner Lil Quill, before retreating to his spotless mansion to party with models. “Toothpaste” is the latest video from Iceburg, Mal’s debut solo mixtape, following the Gunna-featuring clip for “War.”