Atlanta Pop/Rock Trio Drop New Single “How Does It Feel”

Atlanta-based pop rock trio Safety Net have released their new single “How Does It Feel,” available on all digital platforms NOW. Perfectly suited for fans of Avril Lavigne, Yellowcard, and Boys Like Girls, “How Does It Feel” perfectly represents the bands aura – a little bit of pop and a little bit of punk. You can’t place Safety Net in a single box; their sound spans across a wide board, but still maintains focus. With “How Does It Feel,” Safety Net treads new waters – although the song kicks off with a single acoustic guitar and vocal, the authentic and emotive build throughout the first chorus is well worth the short wait. About the single, the band states:

“How Does It Feel?” is about being in a room full of people and feeling like you’re the only one there who isn’t okay. It’s about looking at all of the people who seem to be happy and have their lives together and wondering if they’re just wearing the same mask you are, or if you actually are the only one who doesn’t feel whole.