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The Neighbourhood says, “We’re very flattered to be chosen by Kojima to be a part of this project. This is the first time we’ve ever had our music in a video game and it’s gonna be a trip hearing it while playing Death Stranding.”

Black Violin Releases Genre Defying New Single “One Step”

Black Violin combine aggressive beats with the drama of classical music on their new single “One Step,” taken from their upcoming album Take The Stairs out November 1st. Continuing to break down barriers between genres, the duo says that “One Step” “could be a rock record, straight up alternative” and Loudwire agrees, calling the song “an optimistic rock track with an edge.”


“’Problems’ is one of my favorite songs on the album” Zachary shares. “We are all constantly experiencing growth, so we are never exactly where we want to be in our lives and that is okay. Even though there is a dark side to this song, making it energetic and bright like we did was a way to celebrate the changes in our lives. We hope that the listeners know they are not alone if they are feeling imperfect, because we all feel that way. We all have problems.”

Sammi Lanzetta shares anthemic new track; ‘Snake Song’

“Smart and seasoned indie-rock songs that immediately recall the likes of Lucy Dacus and similarly gnarly songwriters.” – GoldFlakePaint

Alexander 23 Releases New Song “See You Later”

Earlier this year Lyrical Lemonade praised Alexander 23 by calling him “the kind of artist that you can’t help but root for.” Today, the indie-pop newcomer announces the release of his debut EP, I’m Sorry I Love You, due out Friday, October 25th via Interscope Records. An entirely self-produced effort, I’m Sorry I Love You came to life at Alexander’s home studio in Los Angeles. The EP will feature nine tracks written, performed, and recorded by (guitar, bass, keys, drums) Alexander 23 (Alexander Glantz).

Swazi Rapper Bauer Larson Debuts Single “Eviction Notice”

The lead single from the upcoming album, “Eviction Notice” hits hard and fast with a buoyant bass line and crisp snares that sits somewhere between sped up Afrobeat and mid-tempo footwork. Larson’s voice floats over everything, singing the melody until the hook comes in straight away. From there “Eviction Notice” utilizes theological imagery to move from exclamation to exclamation honing in on that exhalation when your 9-5 is finally over and the real work begins. For Bauer Larson that is back to the studio, back to writing the perfect hook or gut-punch line that gets stuck in your head like a skipping record.

Cro-Mags Premiere New Single ‘From The Grave’

Having just wrapped up a European headlining tour, CRO-MAGS have delivered a punishing new track of unchecked aggression, “From The Grave.” Led by Harley Flanagan, the new song features guitar duties by legendary slinger Phil Campbell (Motorhead, Phil Campbell and The Bastards), showcasing his work on lead and slide guitar. The three song EP of the same name will be available on December 6 in limited quantities of clear w/ black smoke, solid yellow, clear orange and glow in the dark vinyl editions. The two additional songs are titled “PTSD,” and an instrumental “Between Wars.”

CRO-MAGS: A New Quarrel

Rosa Bordallo Shares New Single “Sleight of Hand”

Today, CHamoru-American indie rock artist Rosa Bordallo shared “Sleight of Hand” from her forthcoming album Reef Walker. The track is now available on Bandcamp, Apple Music and Spotify and follows earlier singles “Lost on the Coast” and “Citadel” which has caught the attention of Bandcamp Daily, If It’s Too Loud, Glam Glare, Ears To Feed, Loud Woman, The Autumn Roses, and more. – Rosa Bordallo (photo by Varvara Mikushkina)

Powerhouse Performer Yvette Nacer Launches “Quicksand”

“I was inspired to write ‘Quicksand’ because, at the moment, I felt stuck,” shares Nacer. “I was frustrated that I seemed to be in a negative loop. The song is essentially a cry for help and a determination to break the pattern. We all feel trapped sometimes, but we have the power to rise above it.”

STEW share soulful new album ‘People’ via The Obelisk

Few bands carry the flame of the 70s like Swedish rockers STEW. Today, the radiant trio premiere their compelling debut album ‘People’ in full before its release this Friday on Ripple Music.

“There is something wholesome and sincere about its bluesy execution that seems just made for the outdoors, for sunshine, for some small “festival” happening on a stage outside in a Swedish forest with good friends and copious coolers of beer.” enthuses The Obelisk.

PROFANATICA Release Full Stream of New Album

American black metal pioneers PROFANATICA are now streaming their entire upcoming album, ‘Rotting Incarnation of God,’ which will be released tomorrow, October 11.

Mansionair Unveils New Version of “Easier (feat. SHAED)”

“Easier is a song that has grown with us. Initially a personal reflection about overcoming your own darkness, it’s grown into a reinterpreted story about facing those same challenges with someone else.” – Mansionair

Tiffany Young Releases Dark New Club Anthem, “Run For Your Life”

Diving into the lyrics, Tiffany has something to say, and she wants you to hear it. “Way that I move, got the whole world watchin. I’m in a mood, and I don’t wanna hide it,” she continues “Blue chills and white shivers, I’m ice cold baby on an ocean of glitter.” The “Run For Your Life” music video brings these lyrics to life through visuals, movement, and choreography. Taking this a step further, world famous choreographer Brian Friedman [Britney Spears, Cher, Beyoncé, Maria Carey] has gathered up an all-star cast of dancers, to choreograph an original video to “Run For Your Life.”


“This is easily my favourite song I’ve ever written,” says Plested. “I was thinking about my Mum and how much we all sacrifice for the people that we love. I’d written down the phrase ‘the least that I could do is die for you’ in my book, so I locked myself away in the studio with a friend and we wrote it all in one day! I love that I can sing my absolute heart out in the chorus, yet still be so honest and personal in the verses.”


Of the otherworldly “Brain Clouds,” Penzone commented, “This song is about unconditional love, specifically between people and their pets. It was one of my favorite songs on the EP to record. It was originally intended to be more stripped-down but it escalated very quickly”. The track features beautifully haunting back-up vocals from Walter Schriefels (Gorilla Biscuits, Quicksand, Dead Heavens). “Brain Clouds” is taken from These People’s upcoming EP, ANIMAL BEHAVIOR, due out Friday, October 18th.

PREMIERE: These People Release New Single “Brain Clouds”

Harry Hudson Releases New Track & Lyric Video for “Mean To Love” Today!

LA based acclaimed singer-songwriter Harry Hudson drops new track “Mean To Love” today! The track was written by Harry Hudson, produced by Jess Jackson and co-produced by Izzy Fontaine.

Lil Baby shares “Back On” video

Lil Baby has shared the video for his song “Back On” from Quality Control: Control The Streets Volume 2, out now via Quality Control Music / Wolf Pack Global / Motown. Lil Baby hops out of a helicopter and hits the streets of Atlanta in a vintage Bel Air, watch below.


The greatest surviving British punk band, THE DAMNED, are set to release their most comprehensive collection of songs yet, with a new greatest hits collection, ‘BLACK IS THE NIGHT’ released via BMG on November 1st. Today, their new single and title track ‘Black Is The Night’ is released. The Damned play Madison Square Garden with the Original Misfits and Rancid on October 19th.

LO BLOW Release New Single, “The Death of Distraction”

When discussing the dark themes around the single and music video, vocalist Mattheew Muir stated, “The Death of Distraction is nothing short of what the title suggests. It is an end to taking our minds away from the struggle and bring it to the forefront of the zeitgeist, straight to your ears with the sounds of crashing waves of distortion from the start to end. This song tangos with lyrically with ideas of rebellion and deforestation, and the notion that maybe we don’t have to die to reach heaven it’s possible that we can help to create it here on earth for the next generation to enjoy threw humanity’s intelligent design.”

Video Premiere: Lo Blow – ‘The Death of Distraction’

VONAVI Releases Transfixing New Single “Regrow”

“‘Regrow’ was an unexpected child,” explains songwriter and producer Andrei Ivanov, mastermind behind electronic project Vonavi, about his new transfixing single which premiered today via Stitched Sound. “I finished my album but I started working on some new ideas for the future. I came up with chords that struck me and continued building the track. I finished the demo and sent it to Chris [James of electronic band Run Rivers] who was so excited about it and added some vocals.” “Regrow” found the two musicians sending files back and forth until they were happy with it and decided to include it on Vonavi’s debut album, Reflection out November 8, 2019 via 61 Seconds Records.

Vonavi premieres latest single “Regrow” from upcoming album

Russian Baths unveil “Responder” via BrooklynVegan

Russian Baths fuses the abrasive sounds of ’80s New York, the angular outbursts of DC hardcore, shoegaze’s torrents of noise and the suffocating anxiety of the Information Age. Their operation goes deep. One part horror movie soundtrack, serene still life and personal confession, the band’s music is at once imposing and intimate. As with their namesake,Russian Baths’ work is a place where hidden things happen, sometimes beautiful, sometimes tragic, always obscured, but calling to be explored.

FITUMI Aims to Inspire Listeners with Up-Tempo Alternative Rock/Pop Debut Single “Fight For Love”

Veteran multi-genre singer-songwriter, Chris Smith, has a lot to celebrate as he gears up to release the “Fight For Love” single and corresponding lyric video TOMORROW, Friday, Oct. 11. This is the first official single from his new alternative rock/pop project, FITUMI, and the first single off his upcoming debut EP, Know Who I Am. It comes on the heels of FITUMI’s first promotional release, “Iris,” a re-imagined version of the Goo Goo Dolls classic. The single will be released worldwide by Symphonic Distribution to digital retailers and streaming services and will also be available on the EP scheduled for release February 2020.

Izayuh – Memories

Memories, featuring fellow Sacramento recording artist Luix, is the lead single to Izayuh’s “Imminence” EP. The two artists find themselves looking back to times when pain and struggle were as normal as breathing; reflecting on how today this pain can be viewed as art. The track was produced by frequent collaborator Yondo.

Ava Heatley reflects on anxiety with emotive new single “Party”

In the track, Heatley describes being alone and unhappy at a party, confessing her desire to slip away and go home. It’s a window into the emotions of those who suffer anxiety, while remaining relatable for all. Heatley shared, “‘Party’ is about my struggle with anxiety. Lyrically, it describes feeling uncomfortable in your own skin but I also wanted this song to sound like how a panic attack feels by using airy guitars, monotonous piano and a doubled vocal that surrounds the listener. I asked a bunch of friends to record themselves talking for this track and laid it as a bottom layer at the end of the track to help add to the overwhelming chaos the song erupts into.”