Yoke Lore reveals new music video for “Everybody Wants To Be Loved” with NVDES    

Today, Yoke Lore reveals a new music video for the track “Everybody Wants To Be Loved” with NVDES. The video dives deep, featuring artist Adrian Galvin, the voice behind Yoke Lore, artistically yet chaotically painting an all white room and telling a story through his movement.

The single itself blends Adrian’s idyllic vocals with an infectious beat for an irresistibly fun electronic jam that is sure to have you on your feet. Speaking of the collaboration with NVDES, indie sensation Yoke Lore states “me and Josh run into each other in weird places. I’ve encountered him in random LA rooftops, Parisian cafes and German airports. Our collaboration is laced with some years of growth we’ve seen each other go through. I think the amount of time we took to let this song become a reality can be felt in its multifarious nature. It has a hectic drive that both makes you move and leaves you yearning. The song is about not being sure about your place in the romantic world. Do we have to play that game? And when we do who do we become? But if we don’t what do we miss? And all the changes we go through as we navigate those questions to build ourselves.”