New Video By MSC Jay feat Rell “Take You There”

Coming from a town of only 8,000 people, MSC Jay had to find hobbies to occupy his time. Multifaceted and experimental, MSC Jay’s fortes always centered around music and sports. When he wasn’t on the field or court, he was writing raps and taking in any feedback he could get. Though hearing compliments was always good, MSC Jay used constructive criticism to sharpen his lyrical format and musical style. The 23-year-old did this by actively studying his rap influences, being a businessman, and never giving up.

No matter how much his reputation grows, MSC Jay will always shine a light on his hometown, Saint Helena Island in South Carolina. He coined the genre “country-geechie culture” on his newest project Geechie Gospel; a personal brand of music that illustrates a backroad perspective. His distinct southern dialect and radical metaphors and punchlines illuminate the life he lived, on the dirt roads. With a mix of chill and smooth songs with a few club tracks dusted into Geechie Gospel, MSC Jay is carving his own path and uniquely redefining the reality of rap.

You know when you’re at a party, and there’s that one person who catches your eye instantly? The music video for “Take You There” shows off that natural gravitation. As the girls walk into the spotlight, they ignore every one of the guy’s advances, only until MSC Jay approaches. The added feature of neon laser outlines emphasizes the excitement and hype of the people and the party.

Rell of Roc-a-Fella Records supports “Take You There” with his R&B approach. “Take You There” has a summertime influence to it; the energetic bass-heavy track gives a mid-eighties tone. MSC Jay bought three beats from producer, Mr. Hanky, and built on it with Rell, perfectly representing the “Geechie Gullah” culture and their exclusive expression.