Pockies: Dutch Brand launches line of Arabic robes

The djellaba, a robe that is most common in Arabic cultures is coming to the USA. Dutch brand Pockies says it is the perfect piece of clothing that deserves more attention.

Summer or winter
What makes the robe so great? It can be worn in summer and winter, according to Pockies founder Michiel Dicker. “On hot days it will keep you cool because of it’s breezy qualities, while in the winter it will keep you warm in your home.” Isn’t a bathrobe good enough? Well, says Dicker, although bathrobes and djellabas are quite similar, djellabas have the advantage of not falling open all of the time.


The djellaba originated in Morocco. The word means attractive. While djellabas where traditionally made from wool, nowadays they’re mostly made of lightweight cotton. “Our is also mostly made out of cotton,” says Dicker “this way you get the best of both worlds!”

Not only djellabas
Pockies is not only the place for djellabas. Earlier this year the Amsterdam-based company launched their namesake product in the states called a Pockie. It is a boxer short with pockets. Dicker says his company has sold over 200,000 pieces in the Netherlands alone and is now looking to expand his market in America.