History-based Slot Games

Some people just have a thing for history (me). There is just something about learning about real events and people from the past. Well now you can immerse yourself in history by playing amazing history-themed slot machines. History-themed slot machines offer the best of both worlds. They give you that fix of history you so desperately crave whilst also giving you the chance to hit the jackpot. This is a combination not to be looked down on.

There are probably not many other themed slots that have as much variation as history-themed slots. It can include events such as great discoveries and wars, or significant figures such as queens and kings. The possibilities are endless when you play casino slot games.

The Legend of Cleopatra Slots Game

One of the first types of slots that came to mind when thinking about history based slots were Ancient Egypt slot machines. Ancient Egypt itself is such a broad theme that slots often zone in on specific aspect. In Egyptian slot machines Cleopatra, the queen of all queens, seems to dominate. There is this focus on luxury, wealth and royalty.

The Jurassic Jackpot Slot Game

This slot is set in the Jurassic period (also known as the Age of Reptiles) when dinosaurs still roamed the earth. In this popular video slot game by Microgaming, the player protects the general population by hunting down the dinosaurs. So not only do you get to meet the giant reptiles, you also get to save the world. A win-win combination.

Gladiator Online Slot

The online slot machine Gladiator might be based on the 2000 movie Gladiator that features Russel Crowe as the lead, but it is also set in Roman times. This iconic slot allows you to embody the Gladiator persona and fight like a real warrior. The minimum bet for this slot is 0.25 coins and the maximum 1.250 coins.

Samurai sevens slot

This action-packed slot from Microgaming is situated in ancient Japan, featuring some of the most famous warriors in history: Japanese Samurai Warriors. When playing this slot you instantly turn into a master swordsman. There are two symbols representative of Japanese culture, the traditional Japanese dragon and the Japanese fighting star (Shuriken). Wagers range from 0.01 to 5.0in the currency of your choice and the 6000 coin jackpot is not too bad either.

Chief’s magic slot machine

This list would not be complete without a little American history. This 3-reel slot from Migrogaming draws on Native American history. The background features a Native American in full headdress standing in front of a mountain range. This slot is about as simple as it gets, with not a wild or scatter in sight. Bets range from $0.25 to $15. The top prize is 200x your bet. It would thus be worth your while to bet more towards the $15 side.

We are living in exciting times, where Ancient Egypt, Samurais and Gladiators now feature in slot games. To revisit the past all you need to do is play these history themed slots.