Hollywood Actress Odeya Rush Directs Funky Video for Harry Nathan’s “Alright”

Set amongst a dreamy lo-fi disco record, their new music video (which they made in Harry’s kitchen) is colorful, cheeky and entertaining, providing the perfect backdrop for Harry Nathan’s “Alright EP”, a neat little 2 track that follows his last release “To the Limit.”

The love story was a home-made effort that proved harder than the team had originally thought. Odeya says, “It started off with a simple idea to have Harry make a delicious sandwich. I pitched it as ‘something super easy to make.’ Though, as we got closer to shooting, the idea grew and I knew we couldn’t make something that didn’t excite or challenge us.”

The music video is a cheery, chromatic eye-catcher which delivers a vivid experience to fans and fits the dreamy, lo-fi ambiance of the song. Harry says, “We made it in my kitchen with our best mates, it was trickier than we thought and we had to learn a lot on the fly. Odeya was directing and shooting, with the rest of us choreographing disco balls and lasers; whilst working a marionette.”