Anna Cole Releases New Video – Watch ‘You Get To Me’

An advocate for teen issues, Anna Cole’s music and natural likeability has seen her audience grow exponentially worldwide.

Working with some of the top music producers in the industry on her latest tracks, including her single, No Regrets, with Austin Leeds (Avicii, Sasha), Anna has already released the single Runaway earlier in 2019, along with a music video directed by Patrick Lincoln who has previously worked with industry artists Blackwell and Young Bull.

Based in North Carolina, Anna’s musical output has already evolved significantly, despite her age. Having launched her career in 2017 on the day North America experienced a total solar eclipse, Anna’s initial tracks touched upon issues that directly affected her and her peers, particularly bullying and the huge impact this can have on both the victim and their family. Now a teenager, Runaway and No Regrets see a markedly different approach, switching the themes of her lyrics to love in the present and the future, backed by an irresistible pop-dance hybrid.