4 Themes to Add to Your Next Gig for Greater Crowd Draw

Themed concerts encourage concert-goers to rally around a unifying theme for the night–whether it’s to save the earth or promoting awareness for LGBTQIA+ issues. Bands interested in going the extra mile in an upcoming show should consider choosing a theme that allows them to connect to their audience (and the world at large), in a more meaningful and exciting way. Read on for four ideas musicians can use as themes for upcoming shows.


Though it comes once a year, Halloween is one holiday that is sure to draw larger crowds. With the end of October quickly approaching, musicians looking to make any upcoming concerts more interesting should host a Halloween-themed event. With a costume contest, spooky songs, free candy, and creatively carved pumpkins as decoration, an upcoming show will instantly be transformed from a typical gig to a spooky celebration.

Martial Arts-Focused

Choosing to design an upcoming gig around karate, kung fu, jiu jitsu, or some other martial arts is a unique way to get audience members to participate. One way to keep fans energetic and engaged at a gig is to include martial artist as the theme of the night. Whether there are free self-defense classes before the event, clips from the best martial arts movies playing in the background, or jiu jitsu tshirts available at the merch table, adding some element of martial arts will fill each audience member with added adrenaline.


While June may be the month for the world’s biggest Pride events, there’s a reason to celebrate Pride everyday. Bands can host a queer-focused gig and invite their audience to have their own Pride celebration. With rainbow decor and glitter galore, bands celebrating love and identity in every form will be able to create a fun and safe space for all audience members.


With sustainability and environmentalism the hot topics on everyone’s lips these days, hosting an eco-friendly event is sure to attract an overwhelming amount of support from music lovers that also love the earth. Bands can make eco-friendliness the theme of an upcoming gig by donating a portion of their proceeds to sustainable nonprofits. Similarly, by making every effort to use sustainable decorations, paperless advertisements, and eco-friendly waste management strategies, bands will be able to make the focus of an upcoming gig about saving the earth and supporting followers that believe in similar principles.

Themed concerts give the audience a chance to feel like they are apart of something greater. Keep these tips in mind when preparing for an upcoming gig.