Bblasian New Video For “Upper Hand”

Looking for the next big thing in hip-hop? We can’t tell you what that’ll be, but we’ve got a pretty good idea about how to go about finding it. Begin by looking for a young artist who has dominated a regional scene – one that’s loaded with budding talent but hasn’t been properly recognized. Louisville is a city like that, and there, in Kentucky’s first city, Bblasian is the man of the hour. UrbanMaxx wrote Bblasian is “changing the way the world views Louisville hip-hop.” We’ll go a step further and say that we believe that Bblasian is the rare artist with shoulders broad enough to elevate the profile of an entire town.

What makes him so special? Begin with the flow: slinky, slippery, rhythmically intoxicating, deeply musical even when he’s getting aggressive. Bblasian is the rare type of artist who can make a hook out of anything – and when he gets his hands on something good, the results are explosive. Critics and rap aficionados alike are convinced of his potential and are certain that we’ll all soon find out what Louisville already knows. Elevator suggested he’d soon be a major star. Soul Serum insisted that he’s got the voice and style to enjoy a major breakthrough.

Again, prognostication in hip-hop is a fool’s game, but we’re pretty sure “Upper Hand” is the track that’s going to make it happen. The taste-makers at Lyrical Lemonade have lauded the single, praising the hook, the anthemic sound of the song, and the rapper and singer’s easygoing yet energetic vocals. Most notably, they remind their readers that Bblasian has attained notoriety without major features or viral posts or other online stunts. Refreshingly he’s done it by making terrific, undeniable music, and nothing else.

He’s also made some winning videos. GXDLIKETCLA’s clip for “Upper Hand” is, like the rapper himself, playful, relaxed, magnetic, and instantly winning. It’s a candid look at a day in the life of a young creator coming into consciousness – and full possession – of the power he has to alter his surroundings with the music he makes. The camera catches Bblasian on the streets with an old fashioned boombox in his arms; wherever he goes, he brings color, passion, and energy to the otherwise staid surroundings. When he dances on the roof of his building, we’re sure you’ll agree that he’s earned every one of those joyous steps.