Blake Brown & The American Dust Choir release TURNING TIDES (EP) on September 27th, 2019. After an exciting 2018, the band returned to the studio at the top of 2019 with a batch of new songs.

In an effort to break old habits and strive to evolve musically and lyrically, Brown found new inspiration in changes and experiences in his personal life, leading him to view the world through a new lens. Brown and his wife/band mate recently welcomed a baby girl into the world. This experience was one of the main lyrical inspirations for these songs. More specifically, it has been a time of extreme reflection and awareness. The songs are about love, partnership, searching for inner strength, dreams, and ultimately desiring to spread positive message. Phrases like “we got hope burning like fire,” and “lift me up / don’t hold me under / I got lightning veins / I got a rolling thunder,” display a new found sense of strength and confidence in Brown.

Always inspired by the work of Producers Brian Eno (U2), Daniel Lanois (U2), and David M. Allen (The Cure), Brown intentionally strives for big sound while creating a sense of space and beauty. This approach leaves room for words and messages to spread positive light, all while maintaining a sense of intimacy.

“The band has a lot going for it already, combining the big rock sound of bands like U2 with a the more somber sonics of The Cure.”
– RIFF Magazine

“Brown’s vocals, mixed with the strum of the guitar, offer the perfect combination of being trapped in your own thoughts – a notion that not only resonates with listeners, but also gets them to think.”
– Atwood Magazine

Photo Cred: Glenn Ross