New Video By JPRIZM “All Your Love” (Feat. Amanda Holley & Echezona)

In optics, a prism is a transparent material that analyzes and reflects light through its precise angles and pane faces. Many prisms can separate white light into a spectrum of essential colors. Just like how Jared Price aka JPRiZM, metaphorically uses the optical shape as a catalyst for music. As a producer, writer, and artist, he absorbs his surroundings and energy and turns that into different beams of music. “I am an ambassador to curiosity. I love a blank canvas.” Based in Boston, Price refuses to be restrained with his creative flow. He creates so resolutely and eagerly that sometimes he doesn’t know why his compositions have a particular sound or specific theme; he just knows that it makes sense to him.

JPRiZM is not bound to one genre; he blends hip-hop, EDM, and pop on his own accord. His 2014 debut album Mindwalker was followed with the Waves EP in 2017 and PRiZM WORLD aka EXPERiMENTS in 2018 which showcased multiple collaborations and features. He has scored for various films and TV shows such as Showtime’s “100% Julian Edelman” and Lionsgate’s “Traffik.” So far, JPRiZM has brought in over 2 million streams across various platforms.

From golden hour to dusk, the good vibes are always present in the music video for “All Your Love” featuring Amanda Holley and Echezona. The tropical beat with bright flickers encourages listeners to dance and be liberated. Partying with friends on the beach while surrounded by a clear sky can easily rearrange the worries in your life. If you focus on the right things, everything else will fade away. “All Your Love” is a reminder to let go, have fun, and dance when Holley sings, “When the beat drops baby, that’s your cue.”