New video By DELANILA “Time Slips Away”

The ‘like’ button is the equivalent of a shot of dopamine. It’s like a drug,” says Danielle Eva Schwob, leader of new cinematic experimental alternative band DELANILA. The acclaimed composer, arranger and guitarist has returned to New York after spending a year in Los Angeles, pulled back by interesting projects in the city.

The sad side of society’s affair with screens and constant connectivity gnaws at Schwob. Not one to let preoccupation sit undisturbed, she explores, pokes and prods a worry, and then emerges with music that makes us think. That’s exactly what she’s done, yet again–only this time is different. She has upped the personal and professional ante, and instead of staying in her established space and creating a concert work to be performed by an elite trio or penning and arranging a score for a provocative film, she has stepped out to found and front DELANILA, an independent band with an experimental bent, capable of moody precision and somber grace.

Co-produced by Schwob and three-time Grammy- winning super producer David Bottrill (Muse, Tool, Peter Gabriel), Overloaded serves as DELANILA’s stunning debut. Complex electro-pop arrangements swirl under her bell-like soprano that slips between conversational clarity and eerily angelic musings, which all combine to create a 12-track collection of gorgeous human pushback and perspective in the throes of the digital age.