Reina Del Cid Press Releases Track “Morse Code” from album MORSE CODE, out October 4; YouTube Channel Reaches Nearly 35 Million Views

Celebrated Minneapolis indie folk artist Reina Del Cid has released “Morse Code,” the title track from her upcoming album MORSE CODE out October 4. The song has a timeless, genre-bending sound, sitting at the intersection of the classic and the modern.

The song “Morse Code” is a quiet meditation on the breakdown of communication devices—telephone wires, old-fashioned letters, airplane streamers—in the face of the death of a relationship. For the song’s narrator, no method of communication will reconnect her to the lover who no longer cares for her, no matter how extreme her attempts may be: blotting out the stars in a grandiose display of morse code, for instance. Reina Del Cid first recorded “Morse Code” live with Joshua Lee Turner, which has been viewed over 600,000 times on YouTube. The studio version was recorded with just two acoustic guitars and their two voices harmonizing.