New Years Day fans expect top tier cinematic music videos from Ash Costello & co. and on Thursday, September 19 at 12PM ET, fans will experience the band’s biggest production to date exclusively on New Years Day’s YouTube channel. The fan demanded music video for the band’s newest single “Come For Me” will satisfy everyone. The video is a delectable blend of comedy, horror, gore and glam – everything that they have come to expect from rock music’s breakout band.

New Years Day enlisted longtime director Robyn August (“Defame Me”, “Kill Or Be Killed”, “I’m About To Break You”) & Matt Phelan of Chisel Pixel Productions) to bring Ash’s vision to life.

Ash Costello states: “Music videos are a very big part of what New Years Day stands for. We really put who we are as people and artists into every single detail and I think the video for COME FOR ME is New Years Day truly becoming something above and beyond visually than we ever have before. It’s no secret that I am highly driven by movies, specifically horror and cult movies, one of my favorite directors is Quentin Tarantino, and COME FOR ME is my nod to some of my favorite Quentin Tarantino movies. Including, “Kill Bill”, “Planet Terror”, “Pulp Fiction” and “From Dusk Till Dawn”. Whether he directed, produced or acted in the movie, everything he’s been involved in as highly shaped who I am as a visual artist. COME FOR ME needed something fun and in your face to match the vibe of the song. My entire goal with the storyline of this video is to make you think of 3 words…. bad mother fucker.”