ICYMI: Get Haunted with Julia Lambert’s Red-Drenched Video “Wild Rose In The City”

Dark and dripping with eerie melodies, “Wild Rose In The City” sneaks hints of ominous moods into deep tones crafted by songstress Julia Lambert. At 17 years old, Julia Lambert has been a part of a successful band, performed in front of celebrity judges on American Idol and now she presents an intense music video drenched in red, for “Wild Rose In The City”. As a self-taught multi-instrumentalist, Julia Lambert uses her guitar, ukelele and piano to develop an emotive and powerful semblance with a haunting voice that belongs on both the top of 2019 pop charts and every Halloween playlist.

The video features a man followed by the memory of a woman he once loved, portrayed through a red lense. Roses abandoned throughout the video symbolize the wilted past and bring an emotional story to life as an unanswered wish to be left alone by the past.