Cuja Unveils Official Music Video to Girl Power Anthem “New Bitch, Who Dis?”

In her music video debut, budding pop artist Cuja returns today with the colorful official release to “New Bitch, Who Dis?” An ode to those that have done us wrong, “New Bitch, Who Dis?” shows Cuja reclaiming the energy in her life as she sings, dances, and basks in the light of her own company.

Directed by Emmanuel Fordjour, Cuja knew she wanted to have a music video for “New Bitch, Who Dis?” since the beginning. Cuja confides, “I wanted to create a really beautiful aesthetic that was all confidence and fun! The song is so descriptive as far as the story, so I wanted the video to be a depiction of a woman who is having a great time by herself.” The song itself serves as a pick-me-up, as the song that you play when you’re getting ready for a night out, or, as Cuja explains, “when you need a friend to say ‘Babe, he’s not even worth it.'”