New Video By Rat City “Deliriously Good”

Some artists have it; some don’t. But Rat City? Oh, they have it: the immediate success, the swagger, and the style needed to break through the charts instantly. The Norwegian group consisting of songwriters/producers Kent and Cato Sunberg and Lasse Michelsen have been working on this project for a little more than a year now. Most Norwegians have already stumbled across their name; Rat City held the place for #1 record on the radio and the Top 10 Spotify in Norway, as well as being on the Top 5 Shazam for over ten weeks.

The dreamy electro-pop trio has garnered a mass following. Currently, they have over a million monthly Spotify listeners. Their debut music video for “Kings of Love” has over 1 million Youtube streams while the song alone has over 15 million streams on Spotify. The fast-growing achievements prove the hard work and quality projects Rat City offers; their next target is to break into the American market.

The animated video for “Deliriously Good” perfectly illustrates the turbulent relationship consisting of the chase, lust, and the trap. This disco-flair tune has our protagonist, Frank, running after a mysterious, but enticing woman all while escaping the thugs of Rat City. Eventually, desire gets the best of him, and he catches up to his lover only to be surrounded by all the villains. Clearly, she was just bait. “Deliriously Good” refers to that one person we all know isn’t good for us, but we just can’t get enough. Each interaction makes it a little more addictive and a little harder to get away. This small slice of funk noted with romantic swings and catchy lyrics is just a small example of the talent Rat City brings. Their name and sound will not be going away anytime soon.