CHAMPS release the flawless ‘RED STAR’

Today, two-piece band CHAMPS win hearts with the flawless and mesmerizing fresh-cut ‘Red Star’. Taken from the upcoming third album ‘The Hard Interchange’, the track is inspired from loyalty and perseverance in love.

“This song is about waiting for the return of an absent loved one. It’s about longing, patience and devotion through trying circumstances.”‘

Champs are brothers Michael and David Champion, born and bred in the Isle Of Wight. Formed in 2011 their debut album ‘Down Like Gold’ came with great critical acclaim, drawing praise from the likes of The Guardian, The Independent and Q Magazine. Evidently immune to second album syndrome, the pair endeavoured to achieve bigger heights with their follow up ‘VAMALA’, which came 366 days later. Hailed as a ‘Thing of beauty’ by The Sunday times and rated ⅘ by The Guardian more than delivered. Now, three years on, they are ready to impress again.