The brand new single “All The Things We Forgot” offers a kind of ambivalent resolution to Moyka’s themes of love and loss. As an early-nineties house synth swells and retreats around her, she bursts into a rich chorus of“Take me back, take me back again”– it’s an ambiguous line that encapsulates the last shreds of longing, and a broader sense of nostalgia too.

“It could mean a lot of things,”she says.“Take me back to when I was more naïve? To when I was a child? There are so many things to make you nostalgic, but everything moves forward, and this song is a stubborn way to refuse to do that.”

Moyka is a contradiction: a private person who writes confessional music. For anyone who wants to know who she is, it’s all there in the songs – mysterious, magical, but accessible too.“I want to create a mystical universe,”she reaffirms,“where people can feel at home.” All The Things We Forgot is the 3rd single out from the upcoming debut EP “Circles”, out later this year. Moyka is set to support Sigrid on tour in Norway this fall and is playing at Reeperbahn Festival in Germany in September.