LA-based artist and seminal producer, Kingdom, has announced his newest EP entitled EXTERRA Vol. 1, scheduled to release on August 28th via his label Fade to Mind. He has also released the official video for the first single “High Enough.” The song combines his jagged and emotionally charged production with the beautiful vocals of Grammy-winning singer-songwriter Tiara Thomas in his first single since 2017. The visuals match the sensual energy of the song, featuring an array of slick dancers gliding throughout dimly lit hallways. The video is dedicated to the memory of late nightlife legend Nacho Nava, who initially started producing a Netflix special with Shahana Khan & Kingdom about the art-oriented, POC queer nightlife of LA. Kingdom and Shahana continued their conversation after Nacho’s passing, and decided to team up with REACH LA for their collaboration, a local non-profit that offers services, art, and dance classes to POC LGBTQ youth in LA. “The newly-released accompanying music video is an ode to the queer creatives and cultural figures that inspired it’s inception.” said Teen Vogue who premiered the video for “High Enough.”

When asked about the track, Kingdom mentions how this is Tiara’s first time writing an uptempo track, a change from her work with rapper Wale and songstress H.E.R.: “I’ve been making a lot of dance music again lately, for the first time in a long time. This track is built for the summer, and is the first taste of a larger body of work I’ll be releasing in the coming months.” Kingdom has worked with other R&B heavy hitters such as SZA and Syd on his 2017 album, Tears XL. This track is the introduction into EXTERRA Vol 1. and exciting to see Kingdom’s usually clean, off-kilter R&B production translated into a more danceable, strong, feminine sound – a fitting mood to close out the last stretch of this summer. The upbeat club vibe of the EP features Ms. Boogie, MikeQ, and of course Tiara Thomas.