New Video By Grimass “In Silence”

There’s so much that a person can appreciate in a track like Grimass’s “In Silence” featuring Shifta. First off, Grimass doesn’t let off any confusion over whether or not he’s a Southern rapper. The Miami-based vocalist’s style is the epitome of what rap fans are looking for in the Southern scene. His bold vocals are capable of smacking listeners across the face. The verses he rips out on “In Silence” are an onslaught of aggressive confrontation as he cautions his rivals to “approach with ease” when they come face-to-face. Grimass is even prone to let off a couple of noteworthy “brrrs” (similar to Atlanta rapper Gucci Mane) and does so over the most iconic trap hi-hats anyone has the pleasure of hearing. There isn’t the slightest doubt over Grimass being the next big thing that the South has for the rap game.

Something that also adds notable substance to the track is collaborator Shifta’s Caribbean-influenced vocals on the chorus. The Jamaican singer takes pride in his roots on “In Silence” by embracing a dancehall patois inflection that gives the right amount of flavor to the entirety of the song. Shifta (which is an East African term for “rebel”) holds nothing back as he provides a great example of what the Caribbean has to offer musically.

“In Silence” is proving itself to be a stellar addition to Grimass’s discography. Not only do listeners get exposed to a fusion of two culturally-rich styles of music, but they also experience that fusion in a perfectly-blended manner. Grimass’s brash and in-your-face vocals in no way overshadow Shifta’s cool flow or vice versa. Miami and Jamaica are practically in unity.

In the video that accompanies “In Silence,” viewers get exposed to two significant aspects of the work: seeing the musicians in their element and getting a real story to go along with the lyrics. Not only do we see Grimass and Shifta tearing up their vocals and looking remarkably confident doing it, but the video also cuts away to depict a narrative of how Grimass and his Miami community band together to take down a punk who evaded the cops and more importantly harmed his love interest. The music video does a great job of furthering Grimass’s message that trying to mess with him is beyond a bad idea.