Spring mattresses have come a long way, and most people claim that they are the most comfortable. However, this could be further from the truth since they are also prone to wear. Soon you may find your favorite spring mattress sagging or even broken. Do people prefer memory foam mattress over traditional spring mattresses? Let’s find out.

There have been lots of comparison between the two; however, memory foam mattresses take the trophy when it comes to comfort. They feature a unique design that contours to the shape of your body. This kind of support protects the spine from bending since internal layers apply force to your body. It may not be different when it comes to a spring mattress, and most people complain of general body aches in the morning.

A memory foam mattress is dense and will not sag. It offers much support since its heavier, solid and soft. Besides, it is of high quality and ensures your weight distributes evenly. On the other hand, spring mattresses exert force and pressure on your body, and this may make you feel uncomfortable and prevents proper blood circulation.

Type of fiber
If you are looking for a firm, memory foam have a thick fiber which does not shrink quite quickly. On the other hand, a spring mattress has few coils and thick strings which cause the mattress to lose shape or break down.

You must rotate a spring mattress more often to keep it in good shape. Also, this is necessary to prevent bending and sagging. However, with the memory foam mattress, there is no need of flipping since its quite firm and you can rotate it periodically.

A good night rest comes at a cost, and from the observation, it’s essential to invest in high quality material. Memory foam mattresses are suitable since they are firm, easier to maintain and high quality.