New from Asylum: Ugly God Video For “Batman”

Houston rapper Ugly God’s debut album, Bumps & Bruises, dropped last Friday. The project boasts features from Takeoff, Wintertime, and Lil Pump spread across 16 tracks, two of them being bonus songs. Ugly God took no time dropping visuals from the project, today he shared the standout cut “Batman”. It’s his long-awaited collaboration with super-producer Tay Keith.

“Just like Batman, I’m ready for action / I booked that bitch a hotel ’cause my place not where she crashin’,” Ugly God raps referencing the popular comic book hero. Elsewhere, the Texas emcee can be found nodding towards to the Dallas Mavericks. The visuals swap from Ugly God’s hotel with a bunch of women to his very own batmobile wearing Batman’s signature costume.

His new album Bumps & Bruises paints a more detailed picture. The 16-track collection, which he self-describes as “the smoothest piece of art I have ever put my heart into, “boasts notable collaborations with Takeoff of Migos and Lil Pump, along with production by Tay Keith (Travis Scott, Drake), Whethan (Dua Lipa, Ty Dolla $ign) and Ugly God himself. Musically, Bumps & Bruises is an extension of his previous works, overflowing with playful production and coulees melodic quips. But his knack for melody and love of glistening frills isn’t upstaging the talent of the MC; Ugly God raps fantastically, weaving in and out of each beat with quick one-liners and a choppy delivery. Everyone’s favorite “fun” rapper is bound for stardom and evolving before our eyes.