Mind Your Manners: How to Mosh with Style and Charm

Moshing, also known as slamdancing, started in the hardcore punk clubs in 1980. It has since spread to encompass grunge, metal, alternative rock, hip hop, and other musical styles. Mosh is performed energetically and it often entails full-body contact. Dancers can get their mosh on solo or in groups. Variations include “circle pits,” “pogoing,” and the “wall of death,” where dancers divide into two groups who move towards one another.

Dance the Night Away

Dance is among humankind’s oldest art forms. It is a healthy activity that fosters self-expression while building community. It gives your compliments the musicians, expresses joie de vivre, and demonstrates an appreciation of the concert.

Respect the Law—of Quantum Mechanics

Two solid objects cannot be at the same place at the same time, or so says a law of quantum mechanics. Please bear this mind when slamdancing. To mosh with style and charm, you need to be cognizant of where your body ends and other person’s body begins.

Easy Does It

When you do make contact in the mosh pit, endeavor to ensure that the desire to slam is mutual. Also, be conscious of the pointy and hard things on your person, for example, elbows, hands, knees, boots, car keys, phones, jewelry, and other solid objects that might inadvertently injure another dancer.

Have That Special Someone Waiting in the Wings

Going out solo for a night of music is cool. Part of the reason to enjoy the nightlife is to meet new people, but having someone who you trust to watch your back is good, too. Make plans to hook up with a significant other, friend, or family member if you need a safe ride home, someone to call for bail bonds should the need arise, or to listen to your music critique. Plan ahead and have your backup man or woman ready.

Respecting others in the sanctity of the mosh pit is necessary for both sexes. Mind your manners when you mosh with style and charm. It’s necessary to be thoughtful with regards to other people’s needs. Be ready to move forward to meet another dancer or be prepared to back up according to their vibe or their spoken wishes. Both men and women should be aware of when friendly flirting or a hearty body slam is welcome and when it is pushing a good thing too far. If in doubt, use your words. Everyone in the pit is there for the same reason that you are: to enjoy a special evening of live music and dance.