How to work with Instagram statistics

Analytics on Instagram is the most important part of promoting a page or an online store. Without detailed statistics, you will not know what actions give the most sales and how to control them. This is not just useful information about the number of views and transitions, it is the data, based on which you can remove all inefficient sources and is spent only on profitable ones.

Read this guide and learn how to keep track of the most important features shown on Instagram, as well as increase the effectiveness of each promotion method, based on analytical data. If you advance blindly, then the results will be inconstant. One of the most effective proven promotion methods are Iigers Instagram services.

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What indicators to watch

Over the past 2 years, the number of indicators in statistics has increased many times. When Instagram just started its work there was no statistics, it was impossible to see even the number of impressions and the banal coverage of the post. Now there are so many analytical tools that you have to read instructions on how to use them.

Some indicators are available in a business account, some can be viewed in Instagram Insights and there are several other helpers. Standard tools will help you track the number of likes and comments on posts, growth or decrease of followers and other simple data. If you want to know how to calculate more complex indicators, then read on.

Page Statistics

  • Total Followers: Number of followers to your page
  • Number of impressions: the number of views for posts
  • Reach: the number of unique views of your posts
  • Page visits: how many times to see your profile
  • External transitions: the number of clicks on the link that is listed at the top of the page
  • Feedback: how many times clicked on the button “Contact”
  • Posts: shows how many entries you have posted for all time.
  • Tags: how many times has your account been tagged in other posts
  • Tracking hashtags: how many of your unique hashtags are posted

What you can learn about your audience

  • Gender: shows the number of male and female as a percentage
  • Age: displayed as a percentage and divided into several categories
  • Location
  • Activity: shows how much time followers spend on your page

Post Statistics

  • Number of impressions: how many times have watched the post
  • Reach: reach is the most important indicator, as users watch the feed instead of visiting each post.
  • Like, comments: the number of likes and comments for each entry
  • Engagement: calculates based on various data, the most basic are likes, saving and comments.
  • Video Post Views

Statistics Instagram Stories

  • Number of impressions of each story
  • How many times have your stories been closed or switched to others
  • Transitions to direct from your stories, i.e. number of answers
  • Reach statistics on the number of impressions of each photo/video in your story.

Live statistic

  • Viewers: the number of unique users who have come at least for a few seconds on your live broadcast.
  • Also, you can watch the current number of viewers that is online at a given time interval.

Other indicators of Instagram


You can track the dynamics of growth or decrease of many indicators. You can find out how the number of your followers, impressions on posts change, engagement grows or falls, the number of clicks on a link, responses in stories, etc.

This statistic is calculated automatically using a simple formula:

You will be provided with a graph in which you can immediately see whether growth, stagnation or decrease.


With the help of more complex calculations, you can learn more useful data. For example, if you constantly monitor the number of followers regarding engagement, then you can immediately see whether an interested audience comes to you or not. If the number of followers is growing and engagement is falling, then you need to look at why this is happening, maybe you have chosen a bad source of advertising.

The calculation formula is very simple and you just need to divide the number of followers by the rate of involvement on a particular day. With the help of such indicators, you can track all real, and not just superficial changes.

You need to rely on the number of followers and then compare them with such indicators as the number of likes, comments, post reach, engagement, etc. If the interest rate falls off with each month, then it is necessary to take measures, otherwise, the coverage of new posts will decrease due to the Instagram algorithm.


Such data is needed to determine the best time to post on your page. Such statistics should be collected at least 1-2 months to get more reliable data.

Average views of photos, videos and likes are needed to determine the ideal time and day of posting records. For example, you notice that uploading videos are better after lunch on weekdays, when people in the office have finished their main work and sometimes get distracted by social networks. Spreading videos in the morning doesn’t make much sense at all since most followers go to work and they’re just uncomfortable viewing them.

You can determine the ideal time and day visually by the number of views and likes, but it is best to collect detailed statistics and rely on it.

What posts like followers

This is not just useful information about the number of views and transitions, it is the data, based on which you can remove all inefficient sources and is spent only on profitable ones. Also, you can now visit iDigic to learn and get more engagement on Instagram.

Often, such a simple technique helps to increase the number of likes by 30-50%. After all, some page owners do not realize that their followers like videos more than photo posts.

Internal Statistics on Instagram Insights

Before this, we discussed a lot of different indicators but did not say where to look at them. All basic statistics in Instagram open with a special button, but it will be available to you only if you have created a business account. Anyone can create it, it only takes 5-10 minutes and it is necessary to register a profile on Facebook if you don’t have it.

As soon as you click on the statistics button, you will immediately see detailed statistics, but if you have just created a business account, the statistics will be empty. They will start to count all the data from the moment of creating a business account.


We hope this information helps you to grow on Instagram!