B.A. The Great Pays Tribute to His Oldest Friends in the “Day 1” Video

Providing a unique take on Atlanta’s signature rap sound, B.A. The Great’s rugged lyricism reflects the haggard circumstances of his neighborhood and upbringing. Detailing the attachments and unbreakable bonds formed in that crucible, B.A. shares “Day 1,” his new video. A dramatic trap track that finds B.A. showing off his skill with urgent melody on the hook, “Day 1” takes a look back at B.A.’s tumultuous youth in Marietta, GA, and how he relied on the people around him to make it through: “And all of my n****s from the same struggle/And all of my n****s from the same hustle/And we brother like the same mother/We stick together, so they can’t touch us.”

Filmed during a rare Georgia snowfall, the video follows B.A. The Great as he recounts his relationship with his oldest friends, with the action spanning decades from his youth (when B.A.’s boys had his back in a fist fight), to a present-day porch party in Marietta. “Day 1” is the latest video from Cross Town, B.A. The Great’s debut album, which dropped in late 2018.