New Video By DBL IMPAQ “The Donald Trump” Stirs The Pot

The music of Apocalyptic Records is made to appeal to a global market. The group Dbl Impaq is the key to their success. The group is a dynamic hip-hop twin brother combination with many talents. The member’s names are Abdul Johnson aka “Butchawunwreck” and Hassan Johnson aka “Still Chillin”. Both have many individual talents as well as their lyrical techniques on the microphone. The music of Dbl Impaq aims to inform the world of a variety of issues from an urban American perspective. Born and raised in the inner-city of Buffalo, New York, the twin brothers began developing their hip-hop talent and musical genius in their childhood.

Abdul Johnson aka “Butchawunwreck” has been gifted with tremendous rhyme and break dancing skills. He is extremely talented in the art of music. Abdul learned to play the piano during his elementary and high school experience at Buffalo Academy for Visual and Performing Arts. His passion for music evolved while attending Buffalo Performing Arts. Butchawunwreck uses hip-hop to express his views on important issues. He is the older twin brother and the outspoken member of the group Dbl Impaq. The objective of Abdul’s music is to bring back hip-hop to its original essence of promoting positive attitudes. Butchawunwreck style is the “ruckus”.

Hassan K. Johnson aka “Still Chillin” is the youngest of the hip-hop group Dbl Impaq. He has amazing acrobatic and break dancing skills. During his experience at Buffalo Performing Arts, Still Chillin studied and played the guitar. He was the only African-American member in the classical guitar ensemble at his school. Some of the production for Dbl Impaq’s music is done by Hassan as well. The name “Still Chillin” describes his personality. He strives to bring original talent back to the art of hip-hop.