Tangeray Major “SAVAGE” ft. YFN Lucci Visuals Out Now

Tangeray Major likes to make one thing clear: he is an absolute savage. That’s probably why he named this track “SAVAGE” and decided to employ the help of Atlanta rapper YFN Lucci to lay down a killer hook and some dope bars. Originally hailing from the city of Chattanooga, Tenn., Tangeray Major was born as Dwayne Springs and grew up always wanting to find the ultimate hustle and get that “major paper” as he put it. After dropping out of high school in the 10th grade, Tangeray went on to be involved in a marijuana conspiracy. However, tragedy soon struck: in 2002, he got arrested for his involvement in marijuana distribution and was sentenced to nearly 11 years of prison. While many might have seen this inconvenience as the end of the world, Tangeray Major used his time in the pen to become bigger and better than he ever was and “SAVAGE” is proof of that.

“SAVAGE” is Tangeray’s declaration to a world that has treated him unjustly. In the face of poverty, criminalization, and people doubting his dreams, Tangeray has achieved his goals only due to his adaptation to these harsh elements in his life. He says,”I want to express the hate for ignorance and for those who was treated unjustly and to foolish people that don’t have no grind or motivation about they self.” This world had turn him into a a hood connoisseur with no limits and boundaries to his grind with compassion for others that face the same obstacles. Tangeray isn’t just flexing on those who didn’t believe in him: he’s addressing the people who aren’t fans of his rough persona, the ones who wish he wouldn’t be so hard-hearted when it came to his hustle. To those people, Tangeray is saying, “What do you expect? You made me this way!”

Alongside being a prominent rapper in the Atlanta and Chattanooga scenes, Tangeray is also the owner of Major Paper Entertainment, a corporation that helps to produce his musical content and sells merchandise that is covered in the company’s iconic adaptation of the Warner Brothers logo. On the horizon, Tangeray Major is eager to release his mixtape Tang soon with the help of EMPIRE Distribution.

Tangeray isn’t playing around when he says he’s a savage and his music video proves itself as a massive indication of how serious he is when he says that. In the video, Tangeray Major and collaborator YFN Lucci are dropping some impressive bars atop an armored truck. If you’re wondering what purpose that truck serves in the video, it is quickly revealed to be the getaway vehicle that Tangeray and his associates (all dressed in Major Paper apparel) use to commit a robbery, evade the cops, and meet up with some shadowy figures to make a deal. Through this imagery, Tangerray shows that he is nowhere near being considered a “soft rapper” and lives up to the hardened exterior that he presents to his fans and his enemies.