New Video By Flyboi Mellz “New Chanel”

Craig Little Aka “FlyBoi Mellz” God Son of CUT MONITOR MILO From Legendary Hip Hop group Leaders of New School. Craig Little started composing music and acting when he was 10 years of age. Growing up for Craig was rough at times with his childhood environment., as he stated in an exclusive interview, was not hard but not easy. Everything changed when he moved to New Orleans after hurricane Katrina from New York City. He also got introduced to paraphernalia at a very early age in the street life. At that point in his life he had a few bad experiences which taught him a valuable lesson and from there he wanted to change so he put all his focus on his urban musical career. Craig’s influences in the Hip Hop Community is legends such as 50cent, lil Wayne, Jay’z,Pimp C, Too Short, Snoop Dog, Ice T, Slick Rick and many more. The life style and music from these specific artist have inspired and influenced the young upcoming artist to make his path in the music Industry.

His first project named Fair Warning is debut to be released July of 2019. He is also collaborating with songwriter producer’s such as Carl Simmonds professionally known as Palm Treez Vacation, Phil Pitts professionally known as Bangout, and up coming Producer Donny on the Beat. Many more Platinum producer’s and writers will be involved in the project in the near future. The fair warning album is an introduction to his life story and has many genres musically involved. Also Dj’s working close on the Fair Warning project such as in Dj fab and Dj… is putting an amazing effort in to pushing the Project forward for release in early fall.