Trippy Kish Dave – Meet Hong Kong’s Newest Psychedelic Rapper

Trippy Kish Daze is the type of artist born out of the world’s growing melting pot. A third culture artist born in North London, living in Hong Kong — rapping in a braggadocious American manner.

Born in North London, raised in Hong Kong, brothers Trippy Kish Daze and Peefs Daze draw influence from almost everywhere and everything writing, producing and performing their boundary-pushing ‘New Age Rock n Roll’, ‘Third Culture Funk’ and ‘Palm Tree Soul’. With deep love for everything from the raw blues of Muddy Waters, to the charming melodies of Teddy Robin and The Playboys, to the pounding dhols of Punjabi MC and Alaap, to the smooth soul of Erykah Badu, to the pumping 808s of Tyler, The Creator. If you enjoy any of these you will definitely enjoy The Paisley Daze.