UK duo Jadu Heart share “The Omen”

Enigmatic UK duo Jadu Heart have just shared a new single “The Omen,” which joins previous single “Wanderlife” to offer a captivating preview of the unique young group’s debut album Melt Away, set for release on August 16. According to the duo, the new single is “about seeing a bird fall from the sky and trying to bring it back to life. Life is full of these moments and I guess the song is a metaphor for trying to make the best out of a bad situation- which is obviously easier said than done. It’s a super emotional song to us and we always wanted it to be on the album, especially the ending where we sing together and the song ends with a really beautiful counterpoint of arpeggiators.”

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Jadu Heart are an idiosyncratic alternative-pop duo from London and Huddersfield: a best-kept-secret who, performing behind hand-made masks, have acquired the sort of hardcore global following (40 million+ streams, immediately-sold-out shows) that render them one of the most intriguing new bands coming out of the UK.