Koji Yoneyama New Album ‘DIALOG’

Koji Yoneyama’s infinitely cool “DIALOG” recalls Wes Montgomery at the height of his powers. A soulful sophisticated sound adds to its urbane spirit. Whether going for the reflective or the fiery, a great range is on display. The songs strike a unique balance. Never overdoing anything the whole band listens to each other playing off each other’s riffs. Layers filter into the whole of the mix ensuring that everything streams together perfectly akin to a conversation of sorts. Emotionally too the whole of the album works best when taken in one sitting for the entire thing works as a larger narrative.

DSP – https://soundcloud.com/koji-yoneyama/sets/dialog

Spry rhythms introduce the album with the nimbleness of “Everything I Love”. Piano goes for a timeless classic spirit for it perfectly works off of Koji Yoneyama masterful playing. Drums go for just the perfect flourish on “My Ideal”. Aptly named “Twilight Song” explores darker terrain. By far the highlight of the work the scaled back approach and fierce devotion to minimalism gives it such elegance. Reflection flows through the heart of the gentle “Two Special People” which incorporates naturalistic hues within it. The joy of “I’ll Be Seeing You” becomes readily apparent through its giddy take. Sprawling and highly ambitious “In a Sentimental Mood” embraces space in such a gentle fashion. Ending things on a high note is the warmth of “Two Special People (Alternate Take)”.

With “DIALOG” Koji Yoneyama delves into a blissful beautiful take one that incorporates so much tremendous color into a vast tapestry of sound.