Dossa & Locuzzed Reveal New Single With DJ Marky

Dossa & Locuzzed are a production duo who first came under the radar of Viper Recordings following their extensive hold over the Austrian drum & bass market. This scene has often stood as a microcosm for the genre’s wider stretches and many pivotal figures take note of the artists rising through its local clubs. So, it came as no surprise that Dossa & Locuzzed would be picked up by such an illustrious imprint; especially one like Viper Recordings, which has a history of taking producers to the next level of their careers.

Having signed exclusively to Viper, they’ve become a defining part of its roster. Their slick sonic anthems, the type of which appeal to both home listening systems and club speaker stacks alike, have caught the attention of fans across the globe. This can be seen not only through their extensive touring schedule, but also through their podcast ‘The Friday Funk Show’, which has gained international recognition for their selections.