Pop / Rock Artist ARI drops sophomore single, lyric video for “Rebel Soul”

“The beauty is this track feels just like what the title says … a ‘Legacy.’ – LA ON LOCK

“‘Rebel Soul’ is about the modern rebel’s path of remaining true to oneself in this chaotic world full of distractions and soul-crushing forces (society, technology, politics, isolation) that try to pull us away from our spirits on a daily basis,” shares Welkom.

“My own experience pursuing the artist path in Los Angeles, in this highly commercialized era inspired me. It’s funny, when I hear the word ‘rebel’ I usually think of someone rebelling against an outside authority – the government, the military, parents. But, I believe the true rebel is one who fights those inner demons, who plants their feet amid the whirlwind of this high-speed world and says ‘this is who I am’ Hence the lyrics: ‘like a Rebel Soul with a heart of gold. I never back down I just grab ahold.’”