‘That Summer, Vol. Two by Various Artists’

“Locations” opens up the collection with such swagger, with FSG Rell (feat. Nico DC) going for a party vibe. Done with a neon-hued style, their flows feel flawless while the energy feels infectious. All of it works from the crisp beats to the bouncy groove.

Emily Cole opts for a luxurious expansive sound with “Dead Feelings”. Sung with such passion, Emily Cole’s performance has a fire to it. Neatly dissecting the end of a relationship, the track has a sense of liberation running through it.

Wispy electro vibes run through Erich Mrak’s “Fake It (Prod. Bento). The sound at times touches upon the similarly styled take of Ed Banger Records, going for a fast-paced blurred take. Melodically rich the whole of the piece has an immersive quality to it.

Tony Valor taps into a vulnerable combination of dance and funk with “Unexplainable”. Vocals recall the intimate approach of Toro Y Moi in settling into a contemplative mood. Balanced perfectly the whole of the piece has a raw quality to it.

Symphonic pop reigns supreme on Jenny Vinatieri’s aptly named “Phoenix”. Building up ever higher the song works itself into a spirited frenzy. Transforming into a chaotic whirlwind it ends in such a colossal wave of sound.

A sense of true love runs through the Happiness Junkies’ “You Can Leave Your Light On”. Keeping things to the essentials the song has a warmth radiating throughout it. Compassion rests at the heart of it all.

Love Ghost crafts a perfect buildup with the phenomenal “Mr. Blue”. Delivered with just the right punchiness, the song evolves in such a carefree way. The multifaceted, multilayered sound has a tropical vibe to it running through it.

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Defiance runs through the heart of Crooked Flower’s “Freedom”. Tapping into the raw unfiltered spirit of Kim Gordon, the piece has a playfulness to it. Riffs have an infectious quality while they unfurl.

“The Sound of Summer” has a light breezy take to it, reflecting upon Almost An Artist’s deft touch. Everything about the track has a spirit reminiscent of the Sea and Cake, with the vocalist being a dead ringer for Sam Prekop’s easy-going delivery. Infinitely catchy the song has a great spaciousness to it.

Rooftop Heroes dives headfirst into a party atmosphere with the neon-hued bliss of “Heroes”. Grooves go for the giddy while energy pours through them. Attention to detail means that the melodic richness has a great poignancy to it.

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Calvert embraces a cinematic scope with “This Beautiful Life”. A true physicality defines the track from the rumble of the percussion to the heightened emotional vocal delivery. Quite sprawling the track at times seems to soar into the sky.

Wild and rambunctious, “We Are All Mad Here” shows off Luna Keller’s fondness for an unhinged kind of jazz. Instrumentally vibrant the piece has a loose swinging style. Lyricism continues that flirtatious, spacious aura.

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Truly joyous, Kalina & Kiana goes for a vibrant approach with “That Thing”. Delivered with the greatest level of care, their vocals have a silky smoothness. Optimism rests at the very heart and soul of the entire piece.

Pop and country intermingle on James Lee Baker’s western twang of “Disappear For The Weekend”. From the ring of the guitar to the down to earth vocals, it all possesses a great intimacy to it. Low-key, the song has a reflective spirit to it.

Dreaminess rolls through the whole of Olivia Frances’ “Lettin’ Summer Shine”. A true driving rhythm ties the whole of the piece together. Guitars have a mellowness to them, tender in tone and never rushed.

Stephanie Grace lets a kindness run through the very core of “Private Pond”. Highly intricate the track has a great thoughtfulness behind it. Proving to be a deft storyteller the whole of the work works together to create something truly gorgeous.