New Video By Nicky Romero & Stadiumx “Love You Forever” (ft. Sam Martin)

Nicky Romero is one of those rare artists who can work with anyone and make his presence immediately known without overshadowing the collab. “Love You Forever” is no exception. The Dutch DJ, record producer, musician, and remixer has ruled the world of modern electronic music since his earliest hits. In addition to co-writing single after single, Nicky uses his weekly Protocol Radio show as a platform for his label’s talent, so his 40 million listeners already knew Hungarian duo Stadiumx and Grammy award-winning singer/songwriter Sam Martin. Stadiumx produced “Rise” with Nicky last year, and the duo has remixed the likes of Clean Bandit, Robin Schulz, and Gryffin. Sam has dropped tracks with Maroon 5, David Guetta, Armin van Buuren, and Steve Angello.

Energy has never been a problem for a Nicky Romero song, but this one has a power all its own. You’ll find yourself being moved by the message as much as the music. It’s about being there for someone, reminding them that no matter how rough the road gets, they have you to lean on. Who can’t relate to that? It’s speaks to a lover, or a family member, or an old friend. The music is so organic, cinematic, and emotive, and it hits so hard, that you almost don’t notice the always-stellar Protocol Records production at work. A song this instantly resonant, cinematic, and hooky could be played through a tin can under a wet blanket, and it would be as powerful. So to get the sonic treatment it gets here – with lush, organic synths, soaring, celestial vocals and a thumping, kinetic beat – makes it unforgettable.

There are a million ways to say “I will love you forever,” but maybe no sentiment is tougher to say out loud. “Love You Forever” jumps between three casts of characters, all trying to say just that, in very different ways. The soft, naturally-lit cinematography puts us right in the room with our heroes, so we’re rooting for them as we would for ourselves. A teenager notices his aging grandma can’t quite work her sewing needles the way she once could. He spirits them away as she sleeps, grabs her supplies, and quickly realizes he’s going to need some help. A young couple moves into their first apartment and are less than blown away by what they see. No sweat. Well, actually, with a lot of sweat, they slowly begin turning a hovel into their home. Two children find an old family recipe on yellowed paper and do their messy best to make dumplings while their Mom is at the office. The meaningful gestures and imagery are the perfect visuals for a song that says something so simple so profoundly.