Elluna’s New Single “Runnin”

“Runnin” is the second single off of Elluna’s upcoming EP Alien due out later this year. “Runnin” is inspired by the personal struggle with self-hate and loathing that can lead to self-destructive methods of escapism and the realization these bad habits need to cease.

Her music up to this point has been shaped by the heavy influence that hip hop has had on the Arizona music scene as well as the tastes of collaborators who sought her out online. Lucky Me is the first single she has recorded that transitions from this and is truly representative of her music vision that includes influences from R&B, Trap, EDM and Pop. She is currently working on more tracks that also reflect this style to be included in an EP entitled Alien set to be released later this year. She is very excited to share her music vision with the world and build a nationwide fan base.

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