New Video By Fire Follows “Loaded Gun”

Once you hear the extreme journey Chris Watt has been through, it’ll make you listen to his music – recorded under the name Fire Follows – with a deeper meaning. He has experienced hardships and successes that could inspire a plot to an ABC movie. Back in 2008, Watt was singing with another group, Author, when concerns rose regarding severe issues with his voice. He tried to work through it between all the vocal specialists and doctors’ appointments, but in the end, it was determined that he had a paralyzed vocal cord. Unfortunately, that meant that Watt would lose his singing and speaking voice for five years. During the silence, he didn’t let the misfortune set him back. He filled his years developing his musicianship in piano, drums, and guitar, while also teaching himself audio engineering and production. While strengthening his art, Watt has had three vocal cord procedures allowing him to regain his ability to sing.

Breaking into the hard-rock/metal scene in Denver, Colorado wasn’t as simple as a solo musician, but Watt has always seemed to defy the odds. He writes, performs, and produces all elements of his music and if that’s not enough, four years post-surgery, he has restored his health fully and released his debut EP If It’s War You Want. Currently, Fire Follows’ music is played on the radio, and he recently signed to Pavement Records.

Incorporating electronic sound effects at the beginning of “Loaded Gun,” the track builds to an all-out explosion. The prettiness of the lights from the buildings in the background and the setting sky contrasts the industrial railroad tracks and galvanized chain link fences. “Loaded Gun” is a metaphor for the sheer fortitude Watt is about to release. He sings, “I felt struck by lightning / I swear I lost all self-control,” showing how hardship can delay our progress, mood, and outlook on life. Yet he changes that sentiment by singing, “I feel so damn unstoppable” meaning he won’t let any adversities slow down his path to success. With “Loaded Gun,” Fire Follows reminds us that life can only go up from here.