weekend edition – @skopemag news for july 7, 2019 @ 7 am est

for Skope: Türküm releases deeply personal debut album “Anti-Sober”

Türküm’s personal and complex debut studio album, which just dropped worldwide as a self-released body of work. The LP pictures Türküm’s years-long struggle with alcohol and humanity, which throughout various emotions (like anger, fear, loneliness, sadness), resulted in a downhill transition for him. Along with a meaningful story the LP maintains the cinematic vibe and complexity known from Türküm’s previous singles (released on Lowly Palace, Elysian Records among others).

Stray Fossa release their hypnotic single “Eyze”

Drummer ran off into his room to arrange vocal harmonies around a bass hook without telling the bassist. Fortunately everyone was happy with the result, and thus “Eyze” was born— a song-thing about the frustration of creating under pressure and the fleeting nature of inspiration that comes and goes before one has the chance to channel it into anything meaningfully productive. The middle bridge was arranged by the guitarist, who fought hard to keep it at a full 32 bars.

New Jersey Rockers Triple Addiction Release New Single “Hard To Say Goodbye”

About the single, the band states:
This is the first song released off of the album American Heartbreak. The song is essentially about a breakup, but wanting the person to come back. The song can be put against the backdrop of any relationship, and how there is always more to a relationship than the two people involved will ever know.

YFN Lucci’s “Never Change” Video Out Now

‘650Luc: Gangsta Grillz’ out now.

Lucifour M announce themselves with thunderous debut single and thrilling animated video for ‘Dog’

Today 5th July ’19, Lucifour M release their debut single ‘Dog’. Striking, soulful pop music, the Italian quartet point to parallels between the stylistic devices of French director/screenwriter Bruno Dumont and their own musical and creative approach, elaborating further: “It’s like standing on the verge of abyss, as if peering deeply into the eyes of the impossible.”

Felix Sandman’s soulful falsetto seduces us to surrender on ‘Middle of Nowhere’      

Following on from previous triumph, new track ‘Middle of Nowhere’ shows Sandman at his most musically attuned. Soulful, snappy verses pull you seductively into an emotive falsetto chorus that cries with romantic surrender. ‘Middle of Nowhere’ commands the listener with confidence comparable to the current pop kings Charlie Puth, Khalid, and Lauv. The polished production boldly embraces the song’s irresistible hooks, which only aids its infectious impact.

Shayla Souliere Releases New Single “Days Like That”

“Days Like That” is written about being in love and remembering all the amazing moments you’ve shared with your loved one. It’s an upbeat summer song that is supposed to bring you back to all the amazing times!

Needle & Salt – Track: She Sure Put The Miss In Mississippi

Fredy Salzmann and Rolf Schnyder met for a first practice session in the fall of 2018. Rolf had already made a name for himself as a country songwriter and Fredy came with the suitable voice for the songs. Both are not unknowns in the swiss music scene and have both been active as musicians and singers in various projects and bands for the past 25 years. As Needle & Salt they played a few gigs as a duo but it was soon clear that they needed to expand to a complete band. At the end of November 2018 Needle & Salt were heard for the first time with a band.

Datastar Track: Just Like That

Datastar is a songwriting and production collective based in NYC.

‘Just Like That’ is their latest chill house Track.

German indie rockers Para Lia reveal ‘Hawk Hill’ video

Before we all dive into the weekend, I’d like to share some goodness from PARA LIA, whose blend of indie rock and post-punk have caught the attention of many over the past few months. Today their new video for ‘Hawk Hill’ premiered in Post-Punk.com, noting that this is “the confluence of 80’s post-punk with early 90s Alternative Rock, though the lens of DDR’s sonic daydreams”.

German Indie Rockers Para Lia Premiere Their Video for “Hawk Hill”

David J Caron – ‘Wake up, You’re only dreaming – (Flat Earth)’

The Epic Revolutionary Paradigm shifting single that Forever Disproves Defeats & Destroys the Heliocentric Spinning Globe Fairy-tale theory blind faith Religion, with verifiable empirical scientific facts…”Wake up, You’re only Dreaming”.

Eevee Locklind Releases New EP

Singing has always been at the forefront of Eevee Locklind’s life. Her desire to be a vocalist began around the age of four. She was constantly singing – while at the stores, playing sports, during school – and many people tried to silence her but failed. Growing up, she listened to various artists such as Michael Jackson, Avril Lavigne, and Nirvana. “There was never one artist that trumped all the others,” she told us. She aims to have her own music reflect that. Her sound has emerged as natural and unique and does not conform to any one genre.

“Beat Up’ ft Lil Baby over 1,000,000 streams

LSMG’s Bla5er “Beat Up” remix ft Lil Baby produced by Ferrari Smash and Directed by Dominicfondon has surpassed 1,000,000 streams exclusively on WORLDSTARHIPHOP. This collaboration has the streets and the clubs of Atlanta on fire.