New Video From Wai Lana “Beyond Time & Space”

To many people, Wai Lana is a carefree, flower-crown wearing singer and songwriter. However, she is so much more than that: for over three decades, she has been a prolific, world-renowned yoga teacher. Her TV series, Wai Lana Yoga, is the longest running fitness series in public television history, making her one of the most recognized yoga teachers in the world today. She’s currently filming a series called Wai Lana Insights, where she’ll share tips on healthy lifestyle, relaxation, and higher thinking through yoga wisdom – proving that yoga is not just a workout, it is a lifestyle.

Wai Lana’s musical career began with Yoga Sound in 1998, and she’s since released several albums. Since 2015, she’s released a special new video each year for International Yoga Day: “Namaste,” “Alive Forever,” “Oh My Sweet Lord,” and “Colors.” Whether or not you practice yoga yourself, there is a message of hope, happiness, and inner peace that can be taken from anything Wai Lana creates.

It wouldn’t be Yoga Day without a new music video from Wai Lana, and this year, to celebrate International Yoga Day, she’s released the video for “Beyond Time & Space.” This clip sees Wai Lana bring ancient yoga wisdom to life, as she takes the viewer on an immersive journey that spans time, space, and the universe. Through the extensive, expansive visual, we follow Wai Lana from the pyramids of ancient Egypt, to modern city streets, to a mysterious planet covered in red molten lava. No matter where she is – near to home or far away – the emotion, longing, and wisdom in her voice are evident.

In a press release about “Beyond Time and Space,” Wai Lana explains that the video is “my humble attempt to make the vast treasure of the yoga teachings available to everyone.” She says, “I’ve tried to be creative, making it movie-like so that it’s entertaining but, at the same time, infused with a very profound message. My hope is that it will inspire those seeking answers to life’s deeper questions.” Sharing the message of yoga is not about revealing her own happiness from the practice, but instead encouraging viewers to find that happiness for themselves.